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Chair component that comes into body contact has a leather finish for a long lasting smooth feel. Built-in mechanisms catch even the slightest body movements to adjust and provide comfort. With materials and functions perfected for you, feel the craftsmanship behind E30.


Stylish U shaped back view and colorful, sensual colors of EGA VISITOR series fills the drab space with freshness and dynamism. Application of the special backing material provides not only the flexibility and breathability but also the superb feeling while seated with its ergonomic design. Climaflex back presents pleasantly comfortable atmosphere with flexibility and breathability by applying the functional fabric in a sensuous U shaped design.


The FX chair is an ideal conference chair for the senior executive. The simple and slim square look, restrained formality, luxurious urethane synthetic leather and chrome-plated finish will signify any conference room setting.


The FX-I office series is based on minimalist design concepts. It is a complete customizable workstation with everything from desk surfaces, panels and storage units to accessories that provides style, space and work efficiency. FX-I allows you to create a simply smart work environment that will not only inspire and motivate success, but also satisfy your personal and professional needs.


GAVOT series is a compact chair with essential features in a curved design. Minimalist design, compact size and its delightful colors create an efficient and sensible space. GAVOT CASHIER CHAIR is a handy stand-up chair to work on high desks with its functions of height adjustment and footrest.


The elegantly designed INVITO chairs help facilitate successful communication in places where you make important decisions. See for yourself how the INVITO “communication chairs” series envelops you in total comfort so that you can focus on conversations when holding meetings or receiving guests.


A magnificent seat fit for the person in charge. The state-of-the art mechanisms in the LEGACY chair series include a synchronized tilt that responds dynamically to every user movement and an adjustable lumbar support. The style is elegant, with handcrafted armrests and chrome-plated accents. Sitting has never been more luxurious.