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Rectangular frame supports backrest is as simple as body curve. All the adjustable devices with various function is applied with essential in mind. REPLY series move with your body with human
understanding functions and design giving you double pleasure.


A ergonomic designed, unified back and seat rest, a modern and stylish design with smooth curves. UCH0007 series provides not only comfort, it is a beautiful addition to your space.


With Claudio Bellini’s unique design, CH0022 stools create a distinctively different space. Put them out for people to sit on where simple collaboration and meetings take place, and they will help facilitate brilliant ideas.


The RHODES furniture suite is for the passionate and determined executive who overcomes adversity and takes on challenges like an alpinist on the ascent. Its fine quality will last a long time
and will always be there, like a trusted ally, quietly witnessing your every triumph. RHODES is a part of the Fursys Premier Class of executive furniture.


The SPACE series is an efficient connection system with expandability. These smart-looking shell and leg colors provide unrestricted spatial arrangement and presentation.


This executive office collection is distinguished by the maximum attention given to the details in every component. The clean, simple geometric lines of this model create a sense of formality.

Aliante is available in various finishes so you can add a personal touch to your office: the desktops are available in walnut, dark oak and etched glass. Doors and modesty panels are available in the two wood versions and a coffee colour lacquer finish; there is also a version available with a leather covered base.The aluminium colour profile on the various elements and tops is the hallmark of this collection.


The SR0 conference tables have urethane-finished edges and are available with round or rectangular tabletops. Holes for wiring are provided where the modularized rectangular tabletops interconnect, for clean, easy wire management. These tables are well-suited for use in small meeting rooms.


The best ergonomics in chair means you are not aware of being seated while on the chair. Chair features making this possible with highly sophisticated adjustability and functionalities should
free you of what disrupts your full immersion in the life. Having all of these features along with easy handlings, T50 series high performances promise “the freedom your whole body enjoys” at the moment of synchronizing yourself with the chair.


The SUPERTECH series is a versatile office furniture made of composite materials. This series provides style, durability and space efficiency. Workstations can be easily and freely configured. Create the look and feel of your work environment by choosing one of the three basic color combinations, from bright to subdued gray tones, in tandem with natural wood grain patterns.

  • Desktop colors range from solid white WW to wood grain UA and LT colors. If WW color tops are chosen, silver line edges are applied to bring out a distinctive look.
  • Quick and easy cable access cover is applied to freely connect with various types of machinery and also provides sleek arrangement of electric wires.


Straight frame presents pithiness while curved seat grants gainliness. Barstool inspires creativity and enjoyment.


With simple design and various colors selection, BARSTOOL PLUS fills the space with vitality while acting as a key interior element at lounge space, creating more delightful atmosphere.

Curved Mold seat

  • A curved mold seat embodies human body shape, providing more comfortable feeling when seated.

Chrome/Paint frame

  • Selective options available from chrome frame and black paint frame according to space for use and atmosphere.


With simple but sharp design, the BeConn Series creates a space for collaboration. It enables more effective collaboration through utilizing IT devices such as display equipment and convenient wiring system.


Professional Safe Metal Steel Bunk Bed

Material   Metal

Color  Black,Grey,Green,White,Silver or customer required

Thickness 0.6-2.0 mm

Size 1625-40 Kg 50x1900x900 mm

G.W. 25-40 Kg