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FURSYS products are more than just furniture. We please customers with choices in style and optimal functions in products. Add our passion and uncompromising conviction to quality, and it’s no wonder highly meticulous customers choose FURSYS.

The restyled ITIS2 series feature stylish lines for a modern look. The backrest with urethane-mesh finish provides optimal support, and various adjustable settings quickly and easily make the chair conform to any body type. Ergonomics and aesthetics are both prominent aspects of this great chair.

  • Synchronized Tilt
  • Multi Lock
  • Adjustable Headrest
  • Adjustable Lumbar Support
  • Adjustable Height
  • Adjustable Armrest
  • Urethane Meshed Backrest

Conference model (CH2811Z)

  • Conference / meeting
  • Four legs without castor
  • Easy to move
  • PVC armrest
  • Urethane Meshed Backrest





Let your body and heart relish the charms of ITIS3. Finished with mesh material, ITIS3 series offers you bodyfitting comfort and unique design just like tailor-made suit. The simple profile curves and crisp rectangle frame are essential in creating bright and modern spaces.


The SQUARE series, equipped with a simple lined unit, is the system which has a unique, refined design and shows various compositions according to spaces. The system produces free communication spaces.


The human tasking chair series, PION series has multi-synchronized tilt as well as multi-limited tilt function. The series will provide the users the very best comfort in seating, using the uniquely experienced know-how and technology of FURSYS.


A space for those who treasure memories and reflect on the past. PRESIDENT series is both classic and modern in design, creating a unique, premium space.


SPOON embraces the world class designer’s expression as it combines smooth curved lines and various colors, creating space with classy and rich atmosphere.


The super skyline & skyline desks can also be delivered with aluminum base as in this photo. Matched with our universal conference tables it makes a striking impression


The JOY series with the overall peace and quiet in the colors will calm you down. By contrast, the bright color features on the backrest will exude your own uniqueness. The JOY series are the answers to your final touch for your impeccable space especially with the neat-looking edge finishes.


“Less is more” is the core idea by wich Mies Van Der Rohe (1886) was used to define the process of un-essential sistematic deduction so to reach “the pure form”. Kios managerial line is inspired by that concept.

The search for strict geometrical lines and element asimettrical balance are essential in this project. The model is available with two foot versions while the top comes in wengè, cherry or oak finishes. The cabinet is extremely peculiar due to the sliding lacquered doors and the drawer extension. All elements give this model


The MANHATTAN furniture ensemble is designed for the confident and hardworking executive who is neither stymied by adversity nor overwhelmed by success. The furniture serves as a reliable base of operations from which to take on every new challenge.


The MULTIPLAN panel system is simple and economic, and it offers all the basic features and functions of a partition – workspace division, user privacy, durability, and configuration flexibility.


The cheerful colors of the PIZZA series is fun to look at and delightful to sit on. These task chairs will invigorate any office environment.


The PUZZLE PLUS office desk connects to a tall unit, which serves as both the pedestal and cabinet, providing greater legroom underneath the desk. The desktop is ergonomically designed to accommodate a user’s body movement. The desktop and tall units attach easily and freely in a wide variety of configurations.