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FURSYS products are more than just furniture. We please customers with choices in style and optimal functions in products. Add our passion and uncompromising conviction to quality, and it’s no wonder highly meticulous customers choose FURSYS.

The simple, soft curved-line frame structure and lumbar Support assist the user’s spine comfortably, and its Breathable mesh back provides seasonal comfort.

  • Adjustable Headrest
  • Multi Limited Tilt
  • Synchronized Tilt
  • Adjustable Armrest
  • Adjustable Seat Depth


The VITRIS series offers us value beyond being the best. lts unique style blends new structural approaches with diverse materials to present an aesthetic distinction. VITRIS gives special satisfaction to the executive with a global perspective and an eye for the future.


As part of our Premier Class executive furniture line, the CEOS series is made with the finest quality of natural veneers and its highly sophisticated designs are the result of Fursys’ advanced technologies and extensive know-how. Let CEOS accent your leadership and executive authority with style and dignity.


With its modern, square-type dual structure, edge details; MONARCH series combines elegant wood with champagne gold color to perfect your space in elegant style.


Compact-type CEO series SETINA provides a simple design to create a more open space. SETINA is perfect for those who consider practical value over authority and choose to be different in style.


With its delightful color and slim line naturally blended, BUTTON series fills a new vitality to the space. Integral curve design with the flexibility responds to the movement of the user and provides comfort. Padded chair back presents extraordinary comfortability with its voluminous fabric material.


The beautifully-shaped backrest created with a design motive from the human’s well-proportioned build contributes to further ergonomic comfort and stability in your back. With its delightful color, TN50 series fills a new vitality to the space.


Rapidly changing modern environments have not only changed our corporate environments but also the method and space that we work in. Open work spaces, flexible spaces for collaboration, fun spaces that inspire employees continue to be planned and encourage free communication and collaboration between different fields.


The double raschel mesh focused on the back area provides excellent ventilation and improved tension and it firmly supports the user’s back, whilst softly cushioning the shoulders to provide utmost comfort even after long hours of seating. The sandwich-structure enhances the durability of mesh for long-term use.


The unique U-line backrest of the EGA chair, molded in a single piece, provides the shoulder area with three-dimensional freedom of movement through increased torsion and flexibility, while at the same time providing effective support in the lumbar region. The front of the plastic seat shell is shaped in such a way that the cushion can move freely with the body, avoiding pressure points.


In this new era, an office that can be transformed freely for growth and that supports horizontal communication is necessary. enAble Series is designed to provide ergonomic design, convenient
systems and unrestricted layout, representing a new office that increases work efficiency.


The EXPACE office furniture features the “Spine” panel, a new design concept that houses numerous network wires and cables neatly inside the Spine panels. This Spinebased system serves as a backbone for flexible office layouts, freely accommodating desks, shelves, low walls, storage cabinets and other accessories. Desks and cabinet units can be arranged as needed without wire and cable restrictions.


CH130 series entails lobby chairs of modern, simple design. Various colors can be arranged together to create a dynamic, vibrant atmosphere.


Comfortable and easy use chair. We now will start journey towards our new chair FLIGHT series. Flight series offers differentiated work spaces by inspiring work moving away from the standardized office designs.


The FRX series blends straight and curved lines in a minimalist style. The combination type (Curved configuration) allows you to configure your layout freely with a variety of tabletop options. The FRX conference system provides you with exceptional flexibility.