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Rapidly changing modern environments have not only changed our corporate environments but also the method and space that we work in. Open work spaces, flexible spaces for collaboration, fun spaces that inspire employees continue to be planned and encourage free communication and collaboration between different fields.


In this new era, an office that can be transformed freely for growth and that supports horizontal communication is necessary. enAble Series is designed to provide ergonomic design, convenient
systems and unrestricted layout, representing a new office that increases work efficiency.


The EXPACE office furniture features the “Spine” panel, a new design concept that houses numerous network wires and cables neatly inside the Spine panels. This Spinebased system serves as a backbone for flexible office layouts, freely accommodating desks, shelves, low walls, storage cabinets and other accessories. Desks and cabinet units can be arranged as needed without wire and cable restrictions.


The PUZZLE PLUS office desk connects to a tall unit, which serves as both the pedestal and cabinet, providing greater legroom underneath the desk. The desktop is ergonomically designed to accommodate a user’s body movement. The desktop and tall units attach easily and freely in a wide variety of configurations.


The SUPERTECH series is a versatile office furniture made of composite materials. This series provides style, durability and space efficiency. Workstations can be easily and freely configured. Create the look and feel of your work environment by choosing one of the three basic color combinations, from bright to subdued gray tones, in tandem with natural wood grain patterns.

  • Desktop colors range from solid white WW to wood grain UA and LT colors. If WW color tops are chosen, silver line edges are applied to bring out a distinctive look.
  • Quick and easy cable access cover is applied to freely connect with various types of machinery and also provides sleek arrangement of electric wires.