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The beautifully-shaped backrest created with a design motive from the human’s well-proportioned build contributes to further ergonomic comfort and stability in your back. With its delightful color, TN50 series fills a new vitality to the space.


The double raschel mesh focused on the back area provides excellent ventilation and improved tension and it firmly supports the user’s back, whilst softly cushioning the shoulders to provide utmost comfort even after long hours of seating. The sandwich-structure enhances the durability of mesh for long-term use.


The unique U-line backrest of the EGA chair, molded in a single piece, provides the shoulder area with three-dimensional freedom of movement through increased torsion and flexibility, while at the same time providing effective support in the lumbar region. The front of the plastic seat shell is shaped in such a way that the cushion can move freely with the body, avoiding pressure points.


Comfortable and easy use chair. We now will start journey towards our new chair FLIGHT series. Flight series offers differentiated work spaces by inspiring work moving away from the standardized office designs.


FURSYS products are more than just furniture. We please customers with choices in style and optimal functions in products. Add our passion and uncompromising conviction to quality, and it’s no wonder highly meticulous customers choose FURSYS.

The restyled ITIS2 series feature stylish lines for a modern look. The backrest with urethane-mesh finish provides optimal support, and various adjustable settings quickly and easily make the chair conform to any body type. Ergonomics and aesthetics are both prominent aspects of this great chair.

  • Synchronized Tilt
  • Multi Lock
  • Adjustable Headrest
  • Adjustable Lumbar Support
  • Adjustable Height
  • Adjustable Armrest
  • Urethane Meshed Backrest

Conference model (CH2811Z)

  • Conference / meeting
  • Four legs without castor
  • Easy to move
  • PVC armrest
  • Urethane Meshed Backrest





Let your body and heart relish the charms of ITIS3. Finished with mesh material, ITIS3 series offers you bodyfitting comfort and unique design just like tailor-made suit. The simple profile curves and crisp rectangle frame are essential in creating bright and modern spaces.


The human tasking chair series, PION series has multi-synchronized tilt as well as multi-limited tilt function. The series will provide the users the very best comfort in seating, using the uniquely experienced know-how and technology of FURSYS.


The JOY series with the overall peace and quiet in the colors will calm you down. By contrast, the bright color features on the backrest will exude your own uniqueness. The JOY series are the answers to your final touch for your impeccable space especially with the neat-looking edge finishes.


The cheerful colors of the PIZZA series is fun to look at and delightful to sit on. These task chairs will invigorate any office environment.


Rectangular frame supports backrest is as simple as body curve. All the adjustable devices with various function is applied with essential in mind. REPLY series move with your body with human
understanding functions and design giving you double pleasure.


The best ergonomics in chair means you are not aware of being seated while on the chair. Chair features making this possible with highly sophisticated adjustability and functionalities should
free you of what disrupts your full immersion in the life. Having all of these features along with easy handlings, T50 series high performances promise “the freedom your whole body enjoys” at the moment of synchronizing yourself with the chair.


GAVOT series is a compact chair with essential features in a curved design. Minimalist design, compact size and its delightful colors create an efficient and sensible space. GAVOT CASHIER CHAIR is a handy stand-up chair to work on high desks with its functions of height adjustment and footrest.


The T55 series with minimized decorations or frills based on the harmony of the modern square frame and the square line offers the visual charms as well as the body comfort. The double layers that seamlessly fill up the organically changing body movements move along with backrest, and also offer such a neat side view.


The simple and modern solution for office seating. The ZESTI chairs feel just as comfortable as they look. Improved the feeling of taking a seat, based on ergonomic design and accumulated know-how.


Compact design and classic color of ZIEL series enhances the value of space and provides modern design sensibilities. ZIEL presents full comfort while seated via its double structured seat which consist of memory foam material.