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The VITRIS series offers us value beyond being the best. lts unique style blends new structural approaches with diverse materials to present an aesthetic distinction. VITRIS gives special satisfaction to the executive with a global perspective and an eye for the future.


As part of our Premier Class executive furniture line, the CEOS series is made with the finest quality of natural veneers and its highly sophisticated designs are the result of Fursys’ advanced technologies and extensive know-how. Let CEOS accent your leadership and executive authority with style and dignity.


With its modern, square-type dual structure, edge details; MONARCH series combines elegant wood with champagne gold color to perfect your space in elegant style.


Compact-type CEO series SETINA provides a simple design to create a more open space. SETINA is perfect for those who consider practical value over authority and choose to be different in style.


A space for those who treasure memories and reflect on the past. PRESIDENT series is both classic and modern in design, creating a unique, premium space.


The MANHATTAN furniture ensemble is designed for the confident and hardworking executive who is neither stymied by adversity nor overwhelmed by success. The furniture serves as a reliable base of operations from which to take on every new challenge.


The RHODES furniture suite is for the passionate and determined executive who overcomes adversity and takes on challenges like an alpinist on the ascent. Its fine quality will last a long time
and will always be there, like a trusted ally, quietly witnessing your every triumph. RHODES is a part of the Fursys Premier Class of executive furniture.


Today’s leaders are typically specialists who emphasize systematic and practical approaches while eschewing authoritarianism and excessive formality. They are both exceptionally talented and
willing to share. The TIERRA series is designed for such people. Efficiency and refinement come together naturally to convey great confidence and sophistication.