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The FRX series blends straight and curved lines in a minimalist style. The combination type (Curved configuration) allows you to configure your layout freely with a variety of tabletop options. The FRX conference system provides you with exceptional flexibility.


The SR0 conference tables have urethane-finished edges and are available with round or rectangular tabletops. Holes for wiring are provided where the modularized rectangular tabletops interconnect, for clean, easy wire management. These tables are well-suited for use in small meeting rooms.


With simple but sharp design, the BeConn Series creates a space for collaboration. It enables more effective collaboration through utilizing IT devices such as display equipment and convenient wiring system.


Three types of modularized table units are available for optimal configurations to fit small meeting rooms or spacious conference halls. The CR2 series comes in the same colors as the Fursys executive furniture systems. The lower part is finished in dark veneer to match the tabletop and add refinement to a conference room.


The refined style of the CR6 series will enhance the atmosphere of any venue, from a small meeting room to a large conference hall.


CRX series is a premium standard-to-large sized conference table system. It creates a unique space for the leaders of today. Finest quality table units with an Italian patterned wood finish can be combined in a variety of ways to create a number of conference layouts.